Hope, Trust and Faith

Human beings are not solitary creatures. Even the most driven and individualistic humans among us hold the belief resulting in progressive actions.

a) We are guided towards what we Hope.
Hope is an innate mechanism and basis of our day-to-day existence. But for a contented living, we have to manage the pull between Hope and Desire (or Obsession). We are hopeful by nature.

b) We are guided by Trust we hold.
When you do not think, you trust. It is the first impulse you feel and respond to most. It is sometimes the only alternative but then it is more of indecision or doubt. Trusting ourselves sometimes gets difficult for some of us but it is the first step of self-acceptance and connecting to the world. Trust in the universe moves us forward.

c) We are building along with Faith by conscious actions.
Faith is magic. Faith is asking something and already getting it at the moment and not worrying about the time it will take. Faith is the beauty seen internally. Faith act as medicine to the past and an invitation to the future.